Pirate Radio

Having spent some time living in New York, Lepke was impressed by their large choice of radio stations and variety of music.

On his return to London, he was driven by the idea of starting a radio station for the community, run by the community.

So a 'Pirate radio' station was launched. Initially named 'Rebel Radio', but also widely recognised as DBC. Dread Broadcast. Corporation - A word play on a more closed market BBC at the time.

The first commissioned Radio Flyer here, the artwork here by Jerry Neville.

Medium Wave

The early broadcasts went live in 1981 on 1404kHz, 214 metres medium wave. The shows were broadcast on Sunday afternoons and could be heard on the outskirts of London in the right weather conditions.

Dread Pirates

Early DBC DJ's preparing equipment to broadcast a show in the early 80's.